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How Long Will It take For My Carpets To Dry After Cleaning?

This is a great question that we get asked often.

Our hot water extraction method of cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean your carpet. It relies on pressurized hot water to rinse the cleaning agent, along with any dirt and soiling from the carpet. A bit like washing then rinsing your clothes. After this cleaning process your carpets will be left looking refresh and clean again. 

While in the process of drying, the carpet is like a magnet for soiling, a bit like dropping a freshly wash piece of clothing on the ground, it will attract dirt to it. So if you need to walk on it make sure soles of shoes/feet are clean and ensure your pets don't decide to join you!

The drying time can be affected by many different things and can differ. Typically the carpet will take between 4 - 6 hours to dry. This is dependent on whether the carpet is wool or synthetic, the amount of furniture present and the air quality of the room.

There are a number of ways to help speed up the drying:

1. Try to avoid walking on the carpet if you can. The process of cleaning the carpet leaves the fibres sticking straight up, allowing good air flow around them. Walking on the carpet will not damage it, but will flatten the fibres and increase the drying time.

2. Get airflow moving over the carpet. Open windows and doors to let the air move across the carpet. If its a cold wet day, turn on an air conditioning unit and set it to dehumidify mode, if it has one. This might seem counterintuitive, as it lowers the air temperature in the room, but it also removes the moisture from the air.  You can use a dehumidifier and set up a fan blowing on the carpet and turn heating on or light the fire. We can also leave industrial fans in place. Although these are quite noisy, they do the job effectively.

3. Heavily soiled carpets need to be flushed with more water to remove the soiling, this will leave the carpet a lot damper than your average carpet clean and take a lot longer to dry. Vacuuming your carpets regularly will reduce this soiling. Also having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will avoid the need for this restorative type of clean.

In conclusion, if your carpet needs to be cleaned you don't have to wait for a nice fine day, there are many ways to effectively dry your carpet within a suitable timeframe. Call us to discuss in more detail if you need further information.