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Cat Urine on Carpet

Our furry friends are so cute, but can leave your carpet with a lingering odour, and in some cases cause major damage to it.

Depending on the volume of urine or how many times the area has been affected, it has the ability to seep into the backing and underlay of the carpet, and sometimes even the sub floor, which makes it more difficult to treat. Getting onto it straight away is your best option if you can.

1.      Dab up as much as you can by thickly folding up a towel, placing over the area, and standing on it to absorb as much of the urine as possible. Or if you have a wet vac use that.

Note: If you pour water straight on the area without first getting as much of the urine out as possible you are only diluting and spreading the urine further into the carpet.

2.      Once you have done this, add a small amount of white vinegar to little water and pour onto the area and absorb that into the towel as well. Repeat if necessary. This rinses the carpet. Remember to stand on the towel or dab it – do not rub.


3.      Play a fan on the area to dry.

If you find the odour is still present, this may need professional treatment from us, where we will flush the area with sanitising solution. In more severe cases we may uplift the carpet, clean and sanitise the backing of it, remove the affected underlay, possibly clean and sanitise the subfloor if needed, replacing with new underlay and finally relay the carpet.

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