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Vinyl Flooring

Breathe life back into your vinyl flooring. We can make it look like new again. Our vinyl flooring division specialises in removing the grimey build up in wood grain or textured vinyl flooring planks. We also clean and can resurface vinyl flooring, returning it to its original shine.

Vinyl Flooring | Gardna Carpet Cleaning
Vinyl Flooring | Gardna Carpet Cleaning
Vinyl Flooring | Gardna Carpet Cleaning


Vinyl is still one of the most popular floor coverings and is extremely versatile. It comes in many styles creating different effects with one of the more popular, wooden grain vinyl planks.

It is a very serviceable and long lasting product, but it needs to be correctly maintained in order for it to look its best and to prolong its life. Mark and the team from Gardna Carpet Cleaning have plenty of experience in vinyl floor care.

Wooden grain vinyl planks can from time to time, require machine cleaning to remove the build up in the wood grain effect. This can be done efficiently and way more effective than 'hands and knee' scrubbing. We use top quality products and processes to achieve high quality results.

For a high polished vinyl floor, the team can do a total reseal, the flooring is stripped of any previous polish, the is cleaned and prepared, finally the flooring is coated with polish. This can be a shiney gloss or a mat finish. Depending on the type of floor and the environment, we can use from 2 - 5 coats of polish, leaving a hard wearing lasting shine.  

For any vinyl floor care advice or an individual consultation please call or email us to discuss your needs.

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