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Extend The Life Of Your Carpet By Having Good Underlay

When you are choosing a new carpet, you should always work on the basis that new underlay should also be purchased. Here are some of the reasons why we believe underlay is a vital component when purchasing new carpet.

Underlay laid under carpet reduces the noise levels in your home by up to 25%.

A perfectly chosen underlay gives your feet great cushioning effects when you walk over carpet, and enhances your carpets’ life.

Foam underlay is a very affordable option as it’s both cheap in cost and eco-friendly in quality because it is made using recycled materials.

Underlay increases the thermal insulation of your carpet dramatically. During the colder months this will help keep you and your family warm and help you reduce those nasty, winter bills!

Underlay also acts like a shock absorber which helps to protect your carpet for longer from things like heavy foot traffic and furniture indentations.

The underlay acts as a barrier by reducing the flow of air, thereby reducing the dust particles carried by the air and potentially reducing allergies.

A good underlay will not only improve the feel of the carpet, but it will also help to reduce allergies and noise within the room, provide better insulation and will prolong the lifespan of your new carpet.