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Healthy Carpet & Upholstery - Healthy Family

Are coughs, colds and sneezes taking their toll? Exposure to allergens and bacteria can make its way into your home. General day to day cleaning of your home needs to be complimented with carpet and upholstery cleaning to keep your home clean, healthy and happy.

How much time do you and your family spend sitting on the couch? Curled up with a good book or watching the TV. Family diners round the table on your dining chairs. Are they free from ‘hand swipes’ or food spills?

Having clean furniture will eliminate the allergens and bacteria and in the process restore it and extend its life.

The same goes for your carpet. It takes a battering every day and is very good on hiding dirt, bacteria and allergens. Regular vacuuming is great, but this should be complimented with regular professional cleaning. Your carpets will be healthier and look great.

Call the team at Gardna Carpet Cleaning and we’ll have your carpet and upholstery clean and healthy again, with the bonus of looking good as well.