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Tile Floor Cleaning

Commercial or residential, all tiled flooring needs cleaning. It looks great until the porous grout turns a different colour, or the whole tile itself is embedded with dirt and grime, which is usually the result of residual chemical left behind from mopping, that  just won't budge! That's where our tile and grout cleaning service is of benefit.

We use the latest advanced cleaning solutions and equipment, with rotary scrubbing, high pressure cleaning and powerful suction capabilities to remove dirt and grime, leaving your tile flooring more hygienic and looking great.

We are able to extract the grime, dirt and contaminants that have built up over time in the pores of your tiles and grout. This is done with minimal disruption to you. Tiles can be walked on as soon as they are dry.

We offer this service to you at a reasonable rate, so get off your hands and knees trying to remove this grime yourself, and give us a call!