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How Long Will It Take For My Carpet to Dry?

We use hot water deep extraction methods, as a deep restorative carpet clean not only refreshes the look of your carpets, but also removes hidden dirt and allergens. To get this intensive clean, we need to cycle through a lot of water, then remove it along with any soiling, allergens and the cleaning solution.

The powerful suction capabilities of our machinery removes 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process, giving a deeper clean and drier carpets.

How long it takes for your carpet to dry depends on a variety of factors. Air flowing across the carpet, the air temperature at the time, whether it is wool or synthetic, and humidity all play their part in the drying process. Usually the average time it will take would be around 5 – 8 hours, and longer if the environment is not favourable.

How can we speed up drying if necessary?

Generally just opening up the doors and windows, allowing airflow over the carpet is sufficient, but we can speed up the drying by using fans, these are a bit noisy but effective. Also depending on the weather, air-conditioning units or the heating system in your home can be used.

Try to avoid walking on the carpet if you can. The process of cleaning the carpet leaves the fibres sticking straight up, allowing good air flow around them. Walking on the carpet will not damage it, but will flatten the fibres and increase the drying time. If you do need to walk on the carpet, make sure your feet or the soles of your footwear are clean, as it will attract dirt while damp. Also make sure your pet doesn't follow you!

In conclusion, if your carpet needs to be cleaned you don't have to wait for a nice fine day, there are many ways to effectively dry your carpet within a suitable timeframe. Call us to discuss in more detail if you need further information.