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Lets here it for your carpet!

Have you thanked your carpet lately? Yes really appreciated it for what it does? Your carpet can take a battering, but does it complain? No. It just goes about doing what it does best, being a great insulator, absorbing sound waves and diminishing echoes, acting as a cushion against sound transfer from room to room, hiding dirt, bacteria and allergens. Wow!

Carpet also provides a layer of thermal insulation (especially when combined with a thick underlay), as it forms a protective barrier between the air and the floor foundation and inhibits air draft beneath doors.

Carpet brings a feeling of softness and comfort to an interior space, and is available in a variety of designs and colours, with a style to suit every home. Carpet is nice to touch, gentle underfoot and provides traction for walking upon.

Carpet has a reasonable lifespan of up to 15 years or longer if cared for correctly. It is recommended that carpet is professionally cleaned on average at least once a year, depending on the environmental conditions it faces.

So look after your carpet and appreciate it for what it does. It will serve you better. Give it a spa treatment. Call us for a clean.